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Frequently Asked Questions

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Video Conferencing

Getting started

Do I need to register?
Only if you want to use PLUS or PRO, as these are more advanced services. With GO, you can get started right away!
Which of your conference calling services is right for me?
Click here to see the benefits of GO, PLUS and PRO at a glance
How many people can I have on my conference call?
Up to 30 callers with Conference Genie GO, from one up to 5000 callers with Conference Genie PLUS and unlimited for Conference Genie PRO.
Do I need special equipment?
No, it's just like making a normal call. You can use any landline, mobile and even Skype.
How good will the sound quality be?
You'll find Conference Genie clear and reliable. If you have a large numbers of participants, it's a good idea to request that anyone who's not talking mutes their phone – this will minimise background noise.
Is there a limit to the duration or number of conference calls I can make?
No, make as many conference calls as you like, as often as you like!

Making a conference call

Do I need to pre-book my conference call?
You don't! You only need to tell the participants of the call.
How do I let my participants know about the details of the call?
Ask your attendees to dial in at a date and time of your choice. Either email them or use our handy Meeting Organiser. This is a simple tool for checking participants' availability and arranging large calls in minutes!
Can I call from abroad?
Yes, for our full set of international numbers, click here.
Can I record conference calls?
Yes, with Conference Genie PLUS. Recordings are immediately available to download from a secure web site.
What if I want a face-to-face conference to present work, for instance?
With Video Conferencing, you can hold meetings in person - without even leaving your desk. View callers on video, share work and make presentations. There's no software to download; you just need an Internet connection.

Call charges

Is your service really free? How do you make money?
Yes - you only pay for the cost of the phone call. We get paid a small fee from our phone provider for each call made.
Do you offer UK and International toll free (0800) access?
Conference Genie PRO customers have a full range of toll free countries available. Please contact us for full details.
Do participants pay for the cost of calls?
With PLUS and PRO, you can use Dial Out. This service is unique in the UK to Conference Genie. You can phone out from your conference room to your call participants anywhere in the world and they won't need to pay a penny.


Is the service secure?
Your conference room is completely private. With PLUS and PRO, you're even more secure thanks to features such as chairperson and participant passcodes, name announcement into the call and real-time caller display from your on-line control panel.
Will any calls I record be private?
Call recordings are held on our secure server and accessible via your private username and password in the My Account area.


What if I need further help?
As a PLUS or PRO customer, you can access our detailed Help page in the My Account area for all the answers you need.
Can I contact you for help by phone?
Yes, you can call us on 0800 229 0800. As a PRO customer, you also access to your dedicated account manager who will help you configure the service to your requirements.
Where is Conference Genie based?
In Richmond (UK). See the contact us page for more details.