Dial-in Numbers and Rates

Low cost conference calls with Conference Genie.

You only pay the cost of your own phone call.

Conference Genie is one of the UK’s lowest cost service providers.
Calls cost only 5.8p/min (+VAT and your phone company’s access charge), but we know you don’t always have a landline available, so you can dial in using our mobile shortcode at 12.5p/min +VAT (not available on O2).
Free calls for you. We don’t charge you to use our service
Conference calling with Conference Genie is completely free! You just pay for the cost of your own phone call.
Calling from
UK Landlines
0844 762 0 762
5.8p/min (+VAT and your phone company’s access charge)
Calling from
UK Mobiles
8 762 762
12.5p/min (not available on O2)
Got international participants on your calls?
Help them save money with our international dial-in numbers (how nice of you)!
Now your international call participants can call the dial-in number for their country. Saving them money and making you look good.
For cheaper calls for your participant’s abroad, select the countries below
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No contracts. No bridging fees.
We respect your privacy and won't share or sell your address with others.